xenatech Fleet Management Tools

Jeanné Woodfin, President and CEO

Jeanné Woodfin, President and CEO of XenaTech, was the first female Marine Corps Naval Flight Officer and the first winged female to serve in a Marine Corps jet squadron. She has had a varied career, but every step has helped develop the full skill set needed to run a successful enterprise—ultimately leading to the creation of XenaTech. Ms. Woodfin graduated with a BS from the United States Naval Academy and earned her MBA from the University of Phoenix. In addition to running XenaTech, she is the proud mother of two teenagers and wife of a Southwest Airlines pilot.

XenaTech_Logo-400x400 Fleet Management Tools

Jon McKinley, VP Product Development

Jon McKinley, VP Product Development, loves taking on challenging IT projects.  This has allowed for his skills and experience as an IT developer and manager to have a direct and measurable impact on XenaTech, its customers, and its shareholders. He easily combines the technical knowledge of development, current technological capabilities, and market drivers to move XenaTech product development. Jon earned his degree from New Mexico State University.

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