About XenaTech

XenaTech leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide intelligent mobility solutions through web-based and mobile applications development and hardware integration, to improve efficiencies across multiple business verticals. We want to change the way companies track and manage their fleets. By utilizing real-time data, intelligent tracking mechanism, and simplified user interfaces, our solution drives the business engine to more profitable operations.

  • We help small-to-medium businesses across industries
  • We never stop innovating and developing new solutions
  • We increase fleet efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability
  • We offer our solutions nationwide and internationally
  • We support and partner with local community organizations
  • Our services are affordable
  • Our software is future-proofed
  • Our features are robust
  • Our user interfaces are simple
  • Our supported vehicles are many

Our Partners

Our Mission, Values, & Services

It is our mission to provide a solution to help fleet managers increase efficiency and effectiveness in their own organizations. We strive to offer the best value for a future-proofed, all-in-one offering with ample functionality for small to mid-sized fleets.

XenaTech is committed to being an active part of the community and doing good outside of the company. As a veteran-owned business, we support the Wounded Warrior Project in conjunction with other local organizations in the community.

IntelliSuite is the name of XenaTech’s primary product line. It is both software and service, and provides intelligent transportation solutions to fleets in different industries.

IntelliTraxx is one of our offerings under the IntelliSuite product line. It’s a basic out-of-the-box automatic vehicle location (AVL) system and fleet management tool providing the following: Auto Vehicle Location, GEO Fencing, Alerting, Analytics, Telematics & Diagnostics and In-Vehicle WiFi. XenaTech offers various kinds of IntelliTraxx solutions depending on your vehicle and industry.

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