XenaTech’s IntelliSuite product line is the centerpiece of our intelligent transportation solutions. With IntelliTraxx, IntelliTruxx, and more, you’ll have access to a fleet management tool and automatic vehicle location (AVL) system that is specifically designed for your vehicles and industry. Save time and money with IntelliSuite!

The IntelliSuite product line is both software and service. Even better, it’s constantly being developed and updated to include the latest fleet management functionality. If you have any questions about any of our IntelliSuite products, don’t hesitate to contact us!

IntelliTraxx Fleet Management Tools


IntelliTraxx is a basic out-of-the-box automatic vehicle location (AVL) system and fleet management tool providing the following: Auto Vehicle Location, GEO Fencing, Alerting, Analytics, Telematics & Diagnostics and In-Vehicle WiFi.

IntelliTraxx-EMS Fleet Management Tools


IntelliTraxx EMS is a comprehensive solution tailored to ambulances. It provides the additional capabilities of I/O telemetry, outside vehicle video, driver behavior, dispatching with turn-by-turn navigation and with-patient status mileage tracking.

IntelliTraxx-Tow Fleet Management Tools


IntelliTraxx TOW is a real-time control solution for tow truck fleets servicing the Freeway Service or Courtesy Patrol. This includes CAD dispatching, driver messaging, and live interactive mapping.

IntelliTraxx-SB Fleet Management Tools


IntelliTraxx SB is a school bus-specific application providing additional capabilities of driver behavior, scheduling, dispatching, I/O telemetry, and mobile applications providing parents with child and bus location and appropriate alerts and notifications.

IntelliTraxx-B Fleet Management Tools

in development

We are tackling all functional process points of a bus transit solution in order to have a single, truly off-the-shelf application.

IntelliTraxx Hardware & Features

IntelliTraxx features the following hardware components: cradlepoint router, MaxxFi Edge Antennae, Driver’s Tablet Interface (Android-based tablet), MaxxFi ADD Module (Feeds Vehicle Diagnostics and Aggressive Driver Behavior Monitoring). You’ll have access to the following features:

  • AVL: It’s about knowing where your vehicles are and when. Watch vehicles run through their routes, make stops, go on breaks, and more—all in real time!
  • GEO Fencing: Location-based alerting for your management and dispatch. Using circles, rectangles, or your own polygons, you can draw any shape around any part of the map, customize it, and create alerts based on when vehicles enter or exit that specific area.
  • Enhanced Mapping Functionality: Display your fleet in the best way to feed you the necessary information. In addition to GEO fencing, pin landmarks and locations significant to your fleet.
  • Analytics: Using location-based data to measure Key Performance Indicators, you can perfect your business practices, your routes, your fuel use, and almost any segment of your business for better results and better profits.
  • Telematics/Diagnostics: Give fleet managers the ability to not only view vehicle health data, but also actually interact with the vehicle control systems remotely and perform actions on any alert received.
  • Driver Behaviors and Driver Scorecard: Map your drivers to your vehicles and collect driver information on both adherence to company policy and aggressive driving events. This information will provide areas on which you should focus your company driver training.
  • Scheduling: Set normal schedules for your drivers and receive alerts if any of your fleet is operating outside your set schedules.
  • Alerts Engine: The alerts engine gives you the ability to customize the system to alert you when things that are important to you happen in your fleet.
  • Historical Playback: The historical playback provides historical trip information for each or your vehicles in 2, 4, 8, and 12-hour increments.
  • Dispatching: Dispatch drivers on the fly. Your dispatch transmits the location to your driver and provides turn-by-turn navigation on the driver’s tablet interface.
  • Task Manager: Schedule tasks for your drivers or send ad-hoc tasking in order to streamline and expedite deliveries.
  • Asset Tracking: In addition to tracking your vehicles, track the associated trailer or other significant property separately.
  • In-Vehicle Wi-Fi: Give multi-passenger vehicles the benefit of a Wi-Fi hotspot. Passengers can utilize wireless Internet for all their work, play and data needs.

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