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Imagine It - Do It.

XenaTech transforms your visionary ideas for public transit, fleet management, and smart city infrastructure into reality. You imagine it; we’ll build it.

Intelligent Transportation Solutions for Transit, Fleets, and Cities

At XenaTech, we partner with transit agencies, companies with small-to-medium fleets, and city governments to architect Intelligent Transportation Solutions. What does that mean?

We design and build integrated software and hardware solutions that help our partners relay critical transit information to agencies and ridership, optimize fleets to save money and enhance safety, and make entire, bustling city operations run smoothly.

The bottom line — XenaTech takes your vision and builds the solution to make it a reality. Let us show you what we can do.


Here’s What We Can Do For You

You’ll get a solution tailored to your needs, plus the tools and services to accompany it. And our Intelligent Transportation Solutions grow as you do, allowing you to scale easily.

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Rail & Transit Agencies

Take control of your rail or transit systems with Intelligent Transportation Solutions that deliver real-time updates, predict arrival times, and provide passengers with up-to-date information.

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Companies with Fleets

Optimize your fleet operations, reduce costs, and improve safety and efficiency. You get advanced features like real-time vehicle tracking, predictive analytics, and customizable reporting.

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City Governments

Get a custom solution for a completely new ‘smart’ integration for your city or partner with us for a seamless connection with your current smart technology.

The XenaTech Difference

Helping you track with intelligence.

Multiple Applications

We’re not limited in any way and have designed multiple solutions for many different applications.


Our Intelligent Transportation Solutions are designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind to meet your changing needs.

Cost Effective

An Intelligent Transportation Solution can provide you with significant cost savings across the board.

User Friendly

Our interfaces have a low training curve, providing comprehensive data analytics in an easy-to-use package.

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Have an idea that a XenaTech Intelligent Solution can turn into a reality? We’d love to learn more and demonstrate our capabilities.