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Onboard Signaling Systems for Rail & Public Transit

XenaTech can integrate with your current onboard system or create a custom solution for your agency.


Integrate With Your Current Solution

At XenaTech, our integration expertise gives us the ability to work with your current system and add capabilities as your needs change. Utilizing our current software, we can tie into your APIs, feeds, databases, and hardware to create an upgraded solution.

Custom Solution Design

We use commercial off-the-shelf hardware for increased flexibility when creating custom solutions to easily communicate with our backend systems.

An example of this is our Next Train Arrival system. This is a light rail vehicle tracking and arrival solution using onboard hardware and then displaying this information on LED signs both on the train and at the station platforms. Here’s how it works:

• Our backend system predicts arrival times at the next station using schedules and route information, along with data collected from the onboard hardware.

• The server then sends messages to the LED sign at each station platform showing the next two trains, their predicted arrival times, and their final destination.

Our Next Train Arrival system includes two web environments, one for agency use and one for public view. It also includes a mobile maintenance dashboard.

The internal web environment allows a transit command center to maintain oversight of its vehicle locations and statuses, including a complete view of the predicted arrival times at every station platform. It also shows system maintenance data and allows the administrator to manage system users and settings

We Help You Go From Concept to Reality

When you partner with XenaTech, we work closely with your rail or transit agency to understand your specific requirements and objectives. We take your vision and combine it with our technical expertise to create custom solutions that meet your unique needs.

Our passion lies in harnessing the power of innovation to drive practical outcomes. If you have an idea you believe can truly revolutionize your complex signaling systems, we want to hear about it — we can architect hardware and software integrations to create a solution that’s tailored to your needs.

With XenaTech, the possibilities are limitless – think big, and together, we can achieve it.

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