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Benefits Of Providing Up-To-Date Transit Information to your Ridership



October 0, 2023

The Benefits of Providing Up-to-Date Transit Information to Your Ridership

Consumer demand has undergone a seismic shift, trickling into the public transportation sector.

Consumers will no longer tolerate delays, inaccurate information, outdated schedules, and general uncertainty in their daily commutes. They want predictability and real-time information so they can precisely navigate their lives. And it’s up to transit agencies to provide it. Below, we’ll explore five benefits of giving up-to-date transit information to your ridership.

Reduces Wait Times

Timely transit information significantly reduces wait times because it provides precise estimates of when the next bus or train will arrive at a stop. This allows riders to time their arrival at the stop to match the actual arrival of the vehicle.

Current information also allows riders to coordinate their journeys more effectively, especially if they need to make transfers or connections between different modes of transportation.

Ensures Competitiveness

Up-to-date transit information also keeps public transportation competitive. We live in an increasingly diverse transportation landscape. Accurate transit information ensures public buses and trains stand out among other options like bikes, electric scooters, Uber and Lyft, and personal cars.

The more accurate and timely the information provided by public transportation services, the more likely consumers are to choose them as their central mode of transportation.

Reduces Consumer “Angst”

How humans perceive time is also at play here. When people have real-time information about the arrival of their transit vehicle, it changes how they experience the wait.

For instance, if you know your bus is delayed by five minutes, you won’t gain those five minutes back. But you will gain certainty and predictability. This alleviates the anxiety and frustration you’d likely experience if your transportation was delayed and you remained uncertain about the duration of that delay.

In short, accurate information reduces uncertainty, alleviates consumer angst, and empowers individuals with a sense of control.

Cuts Travel Time

Accurate information also reduces travel time by allowing commuters to make informed decisions that optimize their routes and schedules.

For example, suppose a commuter knows that a bus or train on a route is delayed. In that case, they can choose an alternative route, plan their connections more effectively, and time their arrival at transfer points to coincide with the arrival of connecting services. This saves time, reduces crowding, and makes transit more comfortable and efficient.

Eliminates Crowding

Given the choice, most consumers prefer a train with available seats over a crowded one with standing room only. Real-time information plays a crucial role in helping riders avoid crowded platforms or stops.

By providing data on vehicle occupancy and approaching capacity, passengers can make informed decisions and opt for less crowded transit options.

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